October 11, 2012

Wild Acre stackables

I have a thing for stackable rings - I love the look of them, the feel of them, the way you can mix them up and change the whole look. At the moment I think they are my favourite kind of jewellery.

I have been working hard to produce a signature Wild Acre version that is distinctive and playful. I have got a good selection designed and made now and the great thing is as time goes by I will be make new additions.

First are the plain bands that are three different widths but all stack really nicely together, one has a lush, tactile bark-like texture. You can wear as many or as few as you like - most people tend to buy three, (I also sell them in a satin and high shine finish).

I have now added others that feature pebble settings of diamonds, aquarmarines, topaz and saphires - inspired by the colours and textures of the coast.

I am playing with ideas to add plain pebbles in silver and gold and also flat shapes too,

My leaf and dish set rings also use the same bands so could be stacked too.

I like that they all stand on their merits as individual rings but can be stacked for different looks. If you would like to come and have a closer look I will be at the silversmithing and jewellery fair, J'Adore at Putteridge Bury House (not far from M1 Junction 10, on the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire border), on 13-14th October. There will be a whole host of wonderful jewellery designer makers there, come and be tempted!:) 


  1. The leaf reings are my favorite!

  2. Oh my goodness, these are simply stunning,I adore the bark-like textured ones, too beautiful xox Penelope

  3. They are very nice but I love the leaf rings also.

  4. Hi Belinda,
    I love them all, but the stacked ring in image 5 is my favourite.
    Very clever and original!
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  5. Oh I love stacked rings. We chose my engagement & then wedding rings from a designer who makes stacking rings. I like the idea of adding to them over the years if our marriage.

  6. I love your work! You also did a wonderful job photographing them - I always find that kinda tricky. Good luck with your show :)