November 29, 2012

Autumn running off

One thing living in England teaches you is to make the best of any sunny weather.

And blue skies have been in short supply recently so I have dropped everything to eke out time in the scarce sunshine this week. Amid the gloomy grey skies and rain there have been some gorgeous moments - wintry cold but so oh so good to feel the sun on my face!

Only a couple of weeks ago there was still some green left on the trees, and of course plenty of gorgeous coppery leaves. I do so love my trees!

Very suddenly though, it seems the trees are stripped of nearly all their leaves, just a few left hanging with the last of the seedpods and berries until harder frosts or stronger winds render the branches completely bare.

Of all the trees around here, it is the mighty oaks that are holding on to their leaves the longest, as it is every year.

It feels as if autumn is quickly making way for winter, hoicking her colourful skirts about her knees as she runs out of view leaving a more monochrome world in her wake.

Although I hate to see the colour draining from the landscape, there is something truthful and reassuringly solid about those bare bones of the trees, something to learn from their natural rhythms and willingness to rest and be still. And of course, there is still so much about this time of year to love - the hunkering down, the excuse to bake more, light candles and snuggle by the fire, to cosy-up basically. I tend to ride that wave of cosy until about late January when the longing for colour and warmth begins to get to me. Thank goodness for snowdrops!


  1. Lovely photographs as ever. And totally agree it was such a wonderful day today... we are so lucky. x

  2. A beautiful post and I have loved the images. I am leaning towards the last image and your comment on the truthfulness and solidity of the bare trees. To more sunshine tomorrow

    Helen x

  3. What a lovely post indeed. Quite transported me at the end of a long day. Xx, Z. PS have you read Robert Macfarlane and Tim Dee's writing, and Adam Nicolson's too? They all write so beautifully about nature and the seasons around us.

  4. I like being able to spot the position of bird nests and trying to remember, in Spring, where I saw them.

  5. The sky in the first photos looks so WARM, so like our cold gray skies today. I wanted to roll up in them!