November 19, 2012

Crumbles and Cobblers

I'm over at Garlic and Sapphire, Sarah Raven's blog today, talking crumbles and cobblers - and we are having just the cold snap to really enjoy delicious warm, fruity puds don't you think? They are one of the joys of autumn and winter, and there are a few little tweaks I have been trying, so please click here and join in the conversation. I would LOVE to hear your favourite flavours and tips - just leave them in the comment section over there, it would be great to collect together a bunch of ideas for winter puds to see us all through the cold, dark days of winter! Thank you, Bx


  1. Plum crumble, yum! I made one a few days ago :)

    Beautiful photos in your last 'wild church' post Belinda.