November 24, 2012

Gifts with a heart

I have a thing for luxury with a heart. Where aesthetics and ethics crisscross happily over eachother, and money can be spent trading something beautiful in a way that helps the planet or eachother or both. A stunning hand made craft that is mindful, that reaches out in some way? It is goal that Wild Acre is built on really, and certainly the direction it is constantly headed in.

The truth is that 'fair trade', or 'recycled' or 'enabling the dignity of fair wages' CAN meet luxury and beautiful design square in the face these days, and there are plenty of businesses proving it. And I think that is so exciting.

What could be a lovelier Christmas gift than a soft, beautifully coloured scarf made in Ethiopia by women who would otherwise be surviving by working the streets of Addis.

Seriously, wouldn't it make your heart sing a bit, to be part of that story of hope?

Like anything I share made by others on this blog, I receive nothing for my recommendations, but the women who make these scarves are creating a brighter, safer future for themselves. Please take a look.

***Thanks to Shannan for putting me on to this fantastic organisation.***


  1. Dear Belinda,

    A beautiful post! We have several fair trade stores in our area too and I often buy presents there. They have the most beautiful jewellery and toys!

    I enjoyed your post on the garden too. It must take you hours to make your garden ready for winter. It looks huge!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Madelief x

  2. Beautifully said (and lived) as usual, Belinda. xxoo, Jaime