November 11, 2012


There were no fields of poppies, church services or searing notes of the Last Post for me this sunday, just some very quiet moments in the most beautiful small wood behind our house, down by the river.

My wild church was found amongst the trees and fallen leaves, too many to count.

On magnificent tree damaged in a recent storm could have been a war memorial fashioned by nature.

Courage is a quality I deeply admire, and always ponder it a bit on Remembrance Day... I have dear friends needing courage at the moment and today was a day for holding them close in my thoughts too.

But above all: to remember. and respect. and be so thankful for hard won freedoms.


  1. Your photos and words have sent a shiver down my spine. So beautiful.

  2. The river sounds like a good place to reflect,I find the movement of water moves your thoughts onward and aids progression and rest. Stunning post that stopped me in my tracks.

  3. Stunningly beautiful photos and sentiments.

  4. Just lovely Belinda!

    Madelief x

  5. Beautiful post B. Always a pleasure to read your blog. A x

  6. Thank you from across the pond. I'd go to that church any day.

    xo jane

  7. Thank you for all the kind comments and sentiments, much appreciated as always. x