January 21, 2013

snowy landscapes

The snow fell most of the weekend, fine like icing sugar. The big, fat snowflakes that stick on your eyelashes and leave one hypnotized at the window never materialised. So there is no heavy blanket over the landscape, but enough for plenty of sledging and a snow day for the kids today. I took the two youngest for a huge hike over the fields, with a sneaky pub lunch to fuel the way home.

The way home was eventful:

1 lost glove (son)
I fall on the ice (daughter)
2 disgusting and rotting rabbit carcasses forcibly removed from hound's mouth - yeeeeuch!
10 freezing toes (daughter)
1 semilostforawhilefeeling (me)

 Nothing like a snow day mini adventure!


  1. Have just returned from long dog walk nothing to report.

    But I'm pretty sure that beautiful daughter and scenery more than make up for rotting rabbit carcasses......or do they?

    xo Jane

    1. Just blanking the entrails from my mind! The rest was lovely! x

  2. Nothing like taking a beautiful walk with you from the warm comfort of my chair. Just breathtaking!

  3. Bleakly beautiful ... I have really hated not being able to get out in the snow this week.

    Thank you for the get well wishes Belinda, thankfully I seem to be on the mend :)

  4. Such beautiful images captured the atmosphere perfectly ...

  5. Love your atmospheric photos, and the graphic details of the entrails (thanks for that).
    Thanks also for your lovely comments, much appreciated.
    Have a good week xox