January 04, 2013

Taking it slow

So, the new year is stretching out before us, all cool and clean and unknown, like the unread, unscuffed pages of a new book, smooth and undiscovered. I usually want to dive right in, scribbling in the margins, sneaking peeks into future chapters, furiously highlighting the bits I imagine important.

This year I feel so differently. For some reason, I am still off-duty-happy, still basking a bit in the stillness before the children head back to school next week and work for all of us kicks in aplenty with exams and business plans and new collections to design etc etc. For now I am relishing the quiet and the mellowness. The mild weather and milky light is echoing exactly how I feel.

The pared back outlines of the winter trees, and the beauty of their tracery is reminding me that simplicity can be so satisfying, so truthful .... it is what I am seeking this year. A paring back to the bones of my imagination, a focusing in on what matters, a clearer understanding of what I want to achieve by this time next year. A lot is in the pipeline for us as a family this year, important exams for our two eldest sons, one leaving home in the autumn (gulp!), the littlest into double figures - a change of seasons for our life together really, so I want to approach it all in the right spirit with my heart full of love and acceptance for the next stage. And for Wild Acre too, I am considering how to grow in the ways I dream of not in ways that mean I would have to get others to make for me or lose balance with time for my family. It feels like a key year, full of possiblilities and changes. I want to be like those trees so much, steady and strong, honest and clearsighted. They are not resolutions as such, but they are more words that I would like to experience this year. I am mulling over the idea of choosing a word or a few words to really focus my intentions on this year, but I am taking my time with it, no hurrying.

How about you? Have you made a bucket list of hopes, a clutch of resolutions or goals? Do you find they work, or fizzle out by february? I am wondering if adding doable actions to resolutions or goals makes them more likely to succeed? Or are we all crazy to pick the depths of winter to start afresh with intentions of any kind, should we just be snuggling up with hot chocolates and slices of cake and wait til Spring? I'd love to know your thoughts and ideas. However you approach the new year, I really hope 2013 is a happy and healthy one for you. xx


  1. I love that picture of the birds, are they rooks? (i'm just hazarding a guess!)

    I must admit, my horoscope warned me of making any resolutions yet, because i'll fluff them up before January is over and feel disheartened, SO, I'm just jotting some loose 'aims' down in my new moleskine instead, in a friendly way!

    My first aim was to get stuck into craft again this year...already I have two courses booked, Stained Glass and Willow weaving, so take THAT horoscope!

    All others relate to getting the garden sorted...so I just have to crack on asap!

    I have a good feeling about '13!


  2. We have a new house waiting for us, and hope to sell this one in 2013. That will keep me involved until we live thru All Change!

  3. Hello there. No plans yet for this new year other than the ones I always have- try to eat more healthily, drink a bit less, try to get my home/work/creative balance in order, keep the house pared down and tidy...
    Hope your 2013 is full of happiness and contentment,

  4. I love the idea of choosing a word (or words) for the year ahead. A couple of years ago, mine was mindfulness. I still need to keep it in the forefront of what I do. This year, it is balance as I'll be striving to keep it healthy and holistic. I'm so glad to see the back of 2012 - it had a few gems but overall not my best year. Welcome 2013!


  5. love the peaceful idea before it all kicks off - just wish it wasn't so dark - I love the light coming back and these last few days have been getting better - I love rteading about your garden and seeing your photos - have really enjoyed it these last few months while I have been going through chemo - just got 1 more to go then some radio and then I will be up up and away so keep these gorgeous posts going!!!

    1. I am so thrilled you have enjoyed it, if it has brought you pleasure in a tiny way during a tough time, I am SO pleased.Do hope you manage ok through the radio, and find health and wellness at the end of it all. Very best wishes to you. xx

  6. Well said Belinda, and beautifully illustrated by your photos.

    Changes,bring em on. The other option is to resist and that never works for me.

    I'm going to try just saying "yes" to the new. My mind always says " no you can't".

    So years behind Obama I'm going for "Yes, I can".

    xo jane

  7. I have made some resolutions, of a sort, trying not to overload myself and trying to focus on what matters. I like your idea of paring things down to the essentials and am trying to do something similar up here!

  8. A post seeped in winter's beauty :D
    I think I'm going with wishes and hopes this year rather than resolutions and plans ... 2012 wasn't the best of years and I don't want to ask too much of 2013. Just a bit less rain and pain would do me fine!

  9. Thank you all for your really interesting comment, I am busy with an injured son (footie), so pressed for time, but as always, so appreciate your comments. xx

  10. I do find a word for the year better than a resolution - you don't give up on a word somehow! Mine is 'free-spirit' (two words I know!) It sounds like fun to me....Best wishes with whatever word you choose..