February 17, 2013

sunshine and stillness

Well, I don't know about you, but the start of 2013 has, if I am totally truthful, felt like quite hard work one way and another. It has been a flurry of important public exams for my teens, broken bones and surgery (son and dog, different events!), coughs, colds and weather of the constantly bitter and dreich variety. It has lacked jollity as January and February often do, and I am feeling a little worn out by it all. Not depressed or sad even, just lacking in my normal energy and cup half full feeling, kind of pushing through with gritted teeth slightly. And then I get phone calls from close friends or read blogposts which make me realise my little woes are really very minor indeed.

So amidst all this, the sudden arrival of a warm, sunny day in the middle of February, with a deep blue sky and sunshine bouncing off every twig and sending silver shards of light across our river has taken me by suprise and shaken me out of my self pity. It felt like a very good day to go for a long walk, work in the garden and drink my first outside cuppa of the year. And as my gaze took in the views and I felt the warmth of the sun on my cheeks for the first time in months, it really felt like Spring is around the corner. All around me, nature intimating hope and the wonderful constancy of new beginnings and possibilities. For me, small, still moments and appreciating beauty are sometimes all it takes to re-calibrate the soul it seems.

For those dear friends of mine reading this and bravely facing far greater challenges, my love and admiration and prayers are yours.


  1. Drab and dreary yes. But for me they have really gone fast. Today it does feel like spring is around the corner, fingers crossed we are right.
    Hope you are through the worst of the JanFeb murkies,

  2. Beautiful photographs! Hope nature and the sunlight gave you some energy. It worked for me!

    Madelief x

  3. :-) the sunshine and blue sky today really helped lift me. It feels like real Spring is just around the corner. Half term forces me to rest. Off to see my best friend in Whitstable, so shall enjoy being by the sea, and when we return we pick up our new kitten. You told me to look for the little moments every day. I am making sure I do. Love C x.

    1. Have a lovely time away, hun. Couldn't admire your inner strength and courage more. Bxx
      ps. new kitten - whoop! Hoping for photos on the blog! x

  4. That sky blue does it for me - even in a photograph! Beautiful, thanks.

  5. What a joy to have a day like this with blue skies.

    Wishing you a week of happiness


  6. You are so right. There are some terrible sadnesses around in blogland at the moment. Luddite though I am, I am grateful that such a supportive medium exists. We mostly use blogs to peek into the worlds of others. That includes reminders that not everything in everyone's garden is rosy all the time.

  7. Such beautiful images! There is always hope in a new day and a blue sky I find :)

  8. I love your blog. Xxx

  9. Just beautiful! I love winter grasses...and that blue sky.