February 26, 2013

making jewellery and gazing at snowdrops

This is why I love making jewellery so much. In a nutshell. Who could ask for more in a job? Happy anniversary Alice and Dave, and thank you so much for choosing a Wild Acre ring as part of the celebration.

And on the subject of jewellery - I am having a sample sale between now and mother's day, uploading a few pieces each day at fabulously reduced prices (40% plus) including free giftwrapping and UK shipping. Keep an eye on my FB page and twitter and instagram  (B_wildacre) because I only have one or two of each piece and they are not in my permanent collections.

I leave you with some cheery snowdrops from my woodland, because frankly we all need a dose of natural cheer in this grey and gloomy week!


  1. Gulp! I have such a lump in my throat I can hardly swallow!
    So lovely. All of it xx

  2. I KNOW! I promptly burst into tears and looked like Ozzie Osbourne! x

  3. The snowdrops are beautiful. I really like this flower.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. How wonderful to be able to create such a personal piece. Snuffle.

  5. Came looking for some cheer and got some.

    thank you.

    xo J.