February 11, 2013

Wild Acre - handmade jewellery, inspired by nature

There are a few changes afoot in the Wild Acre shop - lots more stock being added as we head, eventually, towards Spring, and some further developments in the pipe line.

You will find additions to the botanics collection,

and new pieces arriving in the next few weeks into the coastal collection

and the stacking rings collection.

I have been thinking a lot about what is at the heart of my jewellery making and why it I spend so much time outside in my local water meadows, walking and sketching and interpreting little fragments of nature in precious metal. I have tried to express it on my website's 'about' page. I thought I would share it here.

"I create handmade, contemporary jewellery, inspired by nature, closely observing botanic material from my garden and the riverbanks, wetlands, woods and fields that surround my home.  The curl of a leaf, the shapes of seedheads, the subtle patterns and textures of bark - these are all exquisite things that catch my eye and find their way into my making. Above all, it is that sense of calm and serenity that being in a natural landscape confers, that I hope to capture in the soft contours and clean, organic shapes and lines of my jewellery. At the heart of Wild Acre, are tiny, wild elements of the British landscape, carefully observed and crafted by hand into pieces of precious jewellery. For the wearer, they are quiet, tactile reminders of the tranquility of our precious natural environment, and I hope that association brings a discernable sense of calm and stillness in the noisy rush of modern life."


  1. Love your new jewellery and blog design Belinda. A very pretty photo of yourself too!!

    Madelief x

  2. You capture exactly that in your jewellery and one day, I will own a piece. Oh yes, indeed!
    Looking forward to seeing you on Friday too : ) xx

  3. please provide more information.

  4. Love the jewellery absolutely gorgeous  and so unique