March 02, 2013

catch up time

So the boy that broke his collarbone playing football has now broken his toe, dropping a g-clamp on it in a metalwork lesson. And the girl has pulled a neck ligament trampolining. And the bugs and lurgies march on apace. Sigh. 2013 hasn't so much been disasterous around here as just plain tiring.

And yet, amidst the trips to a and e, and the reaching for the lemsips and tissues, lots of good things have been going on - I am only sorry not to have been here to share them more and visit you all more regularly, I feel blog deprived!

So, a few snapshots of the good stuff that has been hovering at the edges, full of promise and beauty:

* snatching moments in the sunlight, however fleeting and low-slung the rays, has been vital. And all the more intensely appreciated for its scarcity. Views from the kitchen garden,

and up close appreciation of the sunshine on the few flowers in the garden, or on wild plants by the river, are a shot in the arm right now.

 I am coming round to the way of thinking that is often the simplest pleasures - appreciating a beautiful plant, the hug of a child, the first sip of a perfect cup of coffee - are often the most uplifting because they are so uncomplicated, so instant and straight forward and therefore absorbable into the pile of happy inside us. A shot in the arm for happy as I said.

* Two of my kids have had their birthdays, and honestly their excitement and happiness is irrepressible! I feel happier and lucky just to have them beside me, and the birthdays always intensify those feeling. Can you explain the green halo around my daughter's head anyone???

* I have been filling up any spare minutes doing a jeweller's business course and it has been exciting to see the way ahead a little bit clearer. Robin and Tracey who run it are both experienced jewellers and entrepreneurs and so generous with sharing their experience, methods and wisdom, and this isn't common in the jewellery industry so I feel so lucky to have found them. I have also been given Danielle LaPorte's 'Firestarter' course by the very kind Jane from Snapdragon's Garden, so I have lots of soulful imput to look forward to which is wonderful when I work alone and can sometimes feel a bit short on imput and interaction business-wise. There are kind and generous people in the world of entrepreneurs and that is heartening. I love this video from Danielle - especially, the 'you can figure it out' part! :) I think it applies to life generally, not just work. Enjoy!


  1. the green halo is because of the candles! Don't ask me how it does it - or how to stop it! I'm loving the jewellery!

  2. I think you are spot on with your words on simple pleasures.

    And Happy birthdays to your offspring!

  3. Love the plant shots, especially the way you used the light.

  4. Great minds and all that ... only yesterday I was reading this
    and contemplating blogging about it.

    Gorgeous images, and yes I like the 'You can figure it out' message too :)

  5. Your photos are always so wonderful to look at. Have a lovely evening.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley