March 20, 2013

Tulips and narcissi

In the unspeakably miserable weather we are having at the moment the spring flowers are slow to start blooming. Sigh. Good job then, that I had some tulips left over from some I bought in for mothers' day bouquets. They lasted nearly two weeks and have been reminding me that colour will suddenly ripple through the garden, splashing about, weaving eye-popping joy about as it goes.

I also can never resist buying a few white cyclamen about now. Pure and uncomplicated and lovely.

I am offering these a few days late to Jane's flower party - where you will find lots of other flowery posts and kind hearts.

In other news, I forgot to tell you that last week I was on Sarah Raven's blog, Garlic and Sapphire, talking about narcissi - please pop over if you would like to read about why I really rate scented white narcissi so much - the blogpost is under the 'recent posts' header, titled "A blast of daffodil sunshine". So looking forward to the day when the garden is full of them again.


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  2. Ooh, yes, white cyclamen are big favourites here too.

  3. the color of those tulips is stunning. i missed jane's party which is a shame. i'm gonna pop over and see what everyone else has posted. xo

    1. Janet, we missed you but are aware of your need to weed!


  4. What gorgeous tulips! I love narcissus, but Mitchell can't stand the smell of them, so I don't grow them. Glad to see yours.

  5. Thank you for joining in.It's never too late to be up to date.

    Your photos are soulful as ever.

    Please send a jug of narcissus my way ASAP.

    xo jane

  6. Love the Narcissi in the jug- a lot of our customers use mason jars and old bottles to get that vintage Spring look- Country Living Mag inspired!