April 12, 2013

City break in Copenhagen

Sorry for the absence, but it has been holiday time here, and with one ten year old and three teens off school....well, I know you understand!

The absolute highlight of the holidays, apart from a glorious family Easter day with extended family replete with an easter egg hunt, roast dinner and snoozy afternoon moments, was a fabulous few days in Copenhagen. The six of us took the hour and not much flight and stayed in a brilliant double apartment - part of a complex with pool, restaurant etc - all exceptionally good value and close to the centre of town (one stop on the train).

What a city! Small, walkable, stuffed to the gunnels with palaces, castles, art galleries, museums, canals, colourfully painted houses, views of the sea, great shopping and masses of cosy cafes. Perfect really. The blue skies came out right on order. Loved every second, and loved that the kids were so happy and easy going. Good memories.

Our favourite district was Nyhavn - based around a large canal leading to the sea, beautiful old boats and streets on either side lined with cafes with frontages painted the most wonderful array of colours. On our final day the sun was warm enough to eat lunch outside, taking in the scene  that was so gorgeous I hope I always remember how exactly how it looked and felt. My iphone photos don't really do it any kind of justice, but you get the gist.

Nyhavn lunch spot

my best peeps

The royal palaces and castles are scattered through out the city, my favourite was the moated Rosenborg castle with a facade unchanged since 1633 and surrounded by a gorgeous park and the University Botanical Garden.

Rosenborg Slott

 It contains the Crown Jewels and many royal artifacts, definitely worth a visit, I would have loved longer there. The Palaces used by the present royal family are suitably impressive, set around a grand square, (in fact octangle), and busy with parading sentries.

The marble church close by is incredible, pantheon like inside and really spectacular.

The Marble Church interior

For great atmosphere, stunning architecture and quirky boutiques plus vintage style cafes (try Mormors), the Latin Quarter, home of the University is unmissable.

University of Copenhagen buildings

typical Copenhagen cafe style although this one serves Italian food!

not quite sure what caught Richard's eye in the 'Eros' shop window??!

There are three main streets here for cool and quirky shopping, deemed pretty rad by my teens and close by the main shopping street - part Oxford Street part Bond Street in style, not as interesting for us but a highlight for Finn who visited the Guiness Book of World Record museum with his dad to avoid the shopping, and thought it was fantastic. Vintage style lovers amongst you would have died and gone to heaven in Mormors cafe, and the food and drinks were really delicious.

I could go on - it really is a gem of a city! If there had been fewer of us it would have been fun to hire bikes because they are the main form of transport for locals it seems and it would have mean't we would have got a bit further. But there is also something really lovely about mooching around a beautiful new city, isn't there? - taking it all in, craning your neck, peering through doorways, absorbing the atmosphere. I think we will be back.


  1. Beautiful photo's of Copenhagen Belinda. Looks like you had beautiful weather. Lovely photo of your family. Like your children my three daughters enjoy city trips like yours as well!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  2. It looks lovel ....... oh, those blue skies!!!!

  3. I've always wanted to visit Copenhagen - thanks for sharing your trip! And don't deep blue skies make for the perfect holiday feeling?

  4. I've visited Copenhagen two years ago and I fell in love with this charming, stylish city. You've picked such great photos !
    It's the first time I visit this blog and I find it absolutely lovely !

    1. Thanks so much for popping by - welcome to Wild Acre!

  5. I think you've done a cracking job with the photos! I went to Denmark on a school trip many many years ago - not to Copenhagen but to a slightly smaller city, and I'd really love to go back one day. It's a glorious country.

  6. Looks fabulous. Has got me wanting to Google Copenhagen to find out more. Ax

  7. what a nice family you are :)
    I would like to go to Copenhagen some day too.

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  9. It looks lovely. We would love to go there, would you mind sharing details of the company you booked your appartment with? Regards Blods

    1. The hotel apartments are called Charlottehaven. Greatly recommended.

  10. Looks glorious. Your post has definitely bumped Copenhagen up to the top of my list for weekend city breaks!

  11. Copenhagen is absolutely my favorite place to visit.
    What wonderful weather you had! Did you experience the wind?