April 18, 2013

Growing flowers for cutting in a smaller garden

So, a wee bit of sun and slightly warmer temperatures. Let's start talking flowers.

I am on Sarah Raven's blog this week, talking about growing flowers to cut in a smaller garden situation. It is something I feel pretty passionate about. I think quite a lot of people get put off trying to grow cut flowers because they feel they need a lot of space, perhaps even an allotment, kitchen garden or at least a designated flowerbed of some size. But it isn't so, I think if you have a garden, however small, there are ways to grow flowers that you can cut and enjoy close up in your home or give to friends. Other people never get started because feel they need a lot of knowledge before they get going in the garden - I was clueless when I started, there is nothing like learning growing flowers by doing, yes reading and asking lots of questions is really useful, but the adventure is in the doing - if I can, truly all can! A garden is the most amazing teacher, and you learn more than just gardening when your hands hit the soil and the journey begins. 

The satisfaction of growing flowers yourself - choosing the varieties, learning about sowing seed and seeing those first seedlings appear is incredible. If the idea of growing from seed is intimidating, than for an admittedly slightly higher cost, you can, of course, buy seedlings or decent-sized plug plants - but discovering the joy of nurturing a small seed or plant to its full glory and then reaping the bounty of buckets full of fresh flowers - honestly it is the shizzle.

Pop over to Garlic and Saphhire, for tons of tips to get started, and please add any comments if you have questions or tips of your own, I'd love to hear them. If you would like to read a whole series of blogposts about growing flowers, there is one on my blog here, just hit the link at the bottom of this page or on my 'Flowers" page. And please let me know about your growing adventures - you have no idea how excited I am to hear others getting the bug!


  1. Such a beautiful post Belinda. I agree with you, you don't need a huge garden to grow cutting gardens. The part of my garden which I use for cutting flowers is not large too, but enough to sow or plant my favourites and enjoy them the whole season round.

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  2. Brilliant inspiration Belinda thank you! I've got really tiny garden so I grow lots of thins in containers I can cut, cosmos, sweet peas etc, and grown perennials too like achillea, verbena, rudbeckia, nepeta, climbing roses, honeysuckle, hardy geraniums etc which all look lovely in the border and a vase too.

  3. we are at the other end of the scale and have lots to fill!!!...just planted 30 lilac ans 50 roses today..although i know from previous gardens i've had that you can get vases and vases of flowers from a small patch..lovely, lovely post...x

  4. Hi Belinda! First of all, you've done a great job for sharing your thoughts about this. Well, you don't really need a huge space to put up a cutting garden. Maximise all the space that you can get but never compromise the health of these florals—they need breathing space, too. Will look forward to your future posts. Cheers!