May 14, 2013

apple blossom

apple blossom i think you are my favourite flower, which is not something i would say lightly

you really are perfection, all delicate petals and rosy buds


it seems i am not your only fan.

yep, planting an apple tree is a beautiful thing 


  1. Beautiful photo's Belinda!

    Madelief x

  2. Beautiful photos of beautiful apple blossom! Thank you for posting these.

  3. I love the dark pink buds contrasting with the almost white petals of the open flowers. Jane x

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  5. It is beautiful, isn't it. And think for how many, many, many years mankind has greeted it with the same enthusiasm we do now. So many of our flowering plants have a shortish history but apple blossom is almost as old as time!

  6. I love your photo with the bee.......just gorgeous!!
    Helen xx