September 30, 2013

fairies at the bottom of the garden

The landscape around our home is distinctly autumnal now that the last of the hay bales have been hoofed off by the tractors,

and the land has been ploughed and hoed, looking all neat and tucked in at the sides. Happily, temperatures are still warm enough to leave a coat behind and summer seems to be hanging on in unlikely sunshiny afternoons and southerly breezes. In our garden there are the telltale signs of the season, (I always wait for the spindleberry trees to turn their gorgeous reds and pinks),

but in other places it still looks like late summer to me.

What has changed is the feel of the garden, I can't quite put my finger on it, I'm not sure if it is the soft slant of the light, the carpet of little acorns and first fallen leaves underfoot or the changing colour palette but most likely it is the fact that by now I let the garden go a bit (actually, a lot!), and as you can see a 'naturalistic planting scheme' becomes properly naturalistic!

Plants at the end of their season start tilting and wrapping themselves around eachother for support, final bursts of flower mix in with the beginnings of decay, everything looks a bit drunken - in happy, slightly muddled disarray. The result is a magical, fairy tale quality that I don't feel so much at any other time of year. If ever there were fairies at the bottom of the garden it should be right now, playing amongst the little mushrooms that are popping up in the damp woodland earth and dancing in the arching blooms of the last of the roses and anemones. Can you feel it too??

 Hoping you all have a lovely week, with a whiff of the fairytale now and again!


  1. I can imagine there are fairies in those beautiful gardens for sure. My garden loving momma and I loved that poem. How nice to be reminded of it today as I find myself missing her.

  2. There are mice at the bottom of my garden ... they're coming up and over the ivy from next door and heading for the shed ... I swear I saw one with a bag marked 'Swag'!

  3. Beautiful naturalistic garden :)

  4. I've seen fields around here that have been recently plowed as well. Are you seeding or just getting ready for next year? Your first photo is amazingly beautiful and tranquil :)

  5. The bits either side of summer - spring going into summer, and summer going into autumn - are the most magical time of the year. Our fairyland at the bottom of the garden is currently being dug up as part of other improvements (unfortunately it always seems you have to sacrifice something in the making of something new) but I'm looking forward to re-creating it, and those shots of your garden provide lots of inspiration, thank you!

  6. Oh my goodness - your garden looks BEAUTIFUL! It's always interesting to see how our gardens can change in only a week or two without us fussing over it, I've been genuinely inspired by your planting! I love this time of year.