September 07, 2013

new season, new jewellery

So september has rolled around, bringing to a close the most beautiful, golden summer that I can ever remember, (bar perhaps some fuzzy memories of a sunburn't nose and creek swimming in 1976 when I was an energetic, crop haired little tomboy). Even now, the sun is still showing up, lower and lankier somehow, indulgently bathing us with late season sunshine. I'm soaking up every single moment. This is the view at the moment over the garden fence.

The lovely light, sometimes misty, sometimes low slung and fiery, is just beginning to bring an autumnal feel to the garden.

With the children back to school, I am busy at the jewellery bench with lots of ideas and energy, kicking off with Open Studios this month. I have been kindly invited to share the studio space of Maggie Barton, stained glass artist in Pirton, North Herts. Her studio, cottage and garden are also amazing and worth seeing in themselves! I will be there with my jewellery, 1-5pm, tomorrow, 15th, 20th, 21st and 22nd of September - do email me if you would like further details, it would be great to meet you. Here is a little taster of some new pieces for autumn/winter -

Lots of stunning icy diamonds and aquamarines for winter sparkle, plus tactile botanic pieces and a range of simple tie-over lariat necklaces - I'm excited! Keep your eye on my webshop and store on madebyhandonline over the next few weeks...


  1. Belinda, your work gets more and more beautiful! Again, HOW I wished we lived closer to each other!!

  2. Glad to have visited your Blog today - some great Autumn photos. Jack

  3. What is it about this whole year - weatherwise. It's just been spectacular - warmer than usual spring, cooler than usual summer, wet, wet, wet, and now this wonderful fall. Hate to think what we will have to do to pay for it this winter.

    Your work is lovely. Just lovely.