October 22, 2013

working on bespoke jewellery designs

More and more, I am finding myself in the happy position of being commissioned to create special, bespoke pieces of jewellery, and I am loving it! It is a huge honour and responsibility to be chosen to create something from scratch for somebody who wants a special piece of jewellery to celebrate a particular event, person or moment in time. These are pieces that will become part of someone's history and I take it each piece really seriously, spending ages working on designs, sending photos, discussing details and sourcing the perfect materials.

I thought it might be fun to share some here now and again, (with permission from my customers), because they often have lovely stories wrapped around them and show a very different side of my work.

Over the summer holidays I worked on a particularly moving trio of jewellery, a brooch, pendant and bracelet, to be given as a suprise gift from a chap to his wife expecting her first babies, twins. My brief was to work in silver, to use the motif of a particular flower, ammi majus, which is her favourite, and we also discussed using the idea of doubles/twos and the birthstone for September which is sapphire.

I decided against a matchymatchy set and each piece stands on its own, although could be worn together, the silver and ammi flower being the unifying factors.

The pendant needed to be robust enough to survive being grabbed by little hands, so I made it out of sturdy silver sheet, handpierced with the shape of the ammi flower and embellished with two sparkly sapphires to represent the twins and the month of their birth.

The brooch was an entirely different interpretation, a design inspired by those arts and crafts style linoprints of meadow-ey cowparsleys, that look so similar to the ammi flower. Again, the choice of two flowers for two babies.

The articulated pin at the back was entirely handmade and, my goodness, this one tested my multiple solder joining skills - I think there were over 12 solder joins in this piece!

Finally, I created a link bracelet using two small rings repeatedly to join the larger ones, and making a clasp with the ammi motif.

The whole commission was such a joy and honour to create and I was thrilled to hear that they are already much loved. The lady in question had two beautiful baby boys, all blessings to them!


  1. oh my Belinda they are all gorgeous. x

  2. Oh Belinda, these are so beautiful! Great to see them after having heard the story at the beginning of the process. Love them xxx

  3. Oh Belinda, these are so beautiful! Love what you've done here, especially the pendant. Stunning. xxx

  4. Such a great idea to create a set of pieces that "go" but that aren't matchymatchy as you say. I particularly like the brooch - well worth all the soldering :) Helen

  5. All just lovely... The pendant is so sweet with the birthstone gems, the brooch is stunning and the bracelet is just my style ;-)

  6. Belinda, they are gorgeous! So simple and yet elegant and so meaningful! Love your work.

    i love the word "bespoke". We don't use it much on this side of the pond - i have never heard it spoken, mostly read. Such an interesting word.