November 15, 2013

hanging on to colour

These final garden flowers are still looking so pretty in our sitting room. Not bad at all for mid november, but frosty nights mean they are the very last. Sniff.

However, nature was still looking pretty vibrant down by the river today.

Which was good because I am not quite ready for the slip into monochrome quite yet.

Have a cosy weekend. xxxx


  1. ooo those dark dahlias are scrumptious. You have a cosy one too, Ax

  2. They are lovely, and I always feel sad the frosts cut them down when otherwise they would have weeks of flowering left. Hope your weekend is a cosy one too! (ps lots of my jewellery in Cambridge Contemporary Crafts at the mo if you fancy a gander if you are walking past?!).

  3. Such a beautiful bouquet Belinda!!

    Madelief x

  4. I have just found your blog, such beautiful photos . I live in Lincoln but was raised near Dixie's Barn. What a co incidence and good luck with your arts and crafts exhibition.

  5. Autumn leaves against a clear blue sky are the best! Thanks for sharing such lovely images.