December 08, 2013

Challenge: seeking calm and contentment in December 2013

I am diving into this delicious blank blog page to scribble a few words about fun things that are going on here and things I am thinking about at the moment.

First up, sorry for the shonky lack of blogposts recently, this is a crazy whirlwind of a month or two for jewellers, often make or break for our businesses, so the slog has to be done! But it does mean that for a couple of months everything else is pushed further to the corners - so I hope you understand?

The pop up luxury boutique at Kettner's in Soho mentioned in the last blogpost was fabulous, full of wonderful makers and independent British businesses selling everything from beautifully tailored clothes, soft furnishings, jewellery, skincare and even decorated stag skulls foraged from dartmoor! There was sparkling wine and afternoon tea for visitors, tunes from two DJs, fashion bloggers and Londoners on the look out for unique Christmas presents. Glad I had mentally chipped the mud off my wellies, brushed the barnet and dug out my inner city girl! I had some great feedback on my jewellery and some good sales whilst meeting lots of interesting people - so it was a fantastic but exhausting 12 hours! This week I have been spending three evenings selling my work at the incredible, nordic style home of a local Dutch floral designer who does Christmas open house events selling stunning European style Christmas decorations and gifts - it has been a lot of fun and a gorgeous environment in which to sell Wild Acre jewellery.

Today I went as a punter to another pop up craft event in London called Made and Found - at the home of a friend of mine, (and quilter extraordinaire), Tracy from dragonfliesandchickens blog.  So much handmade loveliness and some more Christmas gifts sorted - yay!! It was such a pleasure meeting other makers whose blogs I have followed for a while, in fact Silver Pebble, the blog of jeweller, Emma Mitchell, was one of the first blogs I ever followed so it was great to finally meet her and see her gorgeous, delicate jewellery in real life!

And now? Whilst there are still commissions to work on and gallery exhibitions to prepare for in the new year, my foot is coming off the pedal, I am going to take time to really enjoy the Christmas season, hopefully refresh and recharge. Does that sound hopelessly optimistic? With this desire for a change of gear, I was glad and rather inspired to read this quote of Grayson Perry's shared by the lovely Lotte of Lotte and Bloom,

'my wife has this theory that the happiest people are people who say, “that will do.” today, i went to buy a bin, just for the fricking kitchen here in the studio, you know, but the ones they had in the hardware shop i didn’t like, so i’m still without a bin and I’ll waste another hour trying to find the right bin somewhere. somebody who goes “that will do” is probably the happier person in the long run'.

I am going to try to live by the mantra that, "this is enough" because I do feel that sometimes preparations for Christmas can be wildly over complicated and almost competitive? The glossy mags counting down 'a 21 day, step-by-step preparation for the New Year's Eve table dressing,' sort of utter tripe, whilst every other blog and website feature ever more perfect images of what a "beautiful" Christmas should, really SHOULD look like? Its nuts really isn't it? It isn't a competition, our sense of worth does not hang on the coolness of our bedecked halls or delicousness of our trice-stuffed turkey. Please God, what really matters is the fact we are lucky enough to be surrounded by people we love celebrating Love and Light in the midst of deepest, darkest midwinter. And if we don't even want to do that for what ever reason, that is quite ok too. Really is totally allowed. For me, the moment that Love reached down from eternity and became human, and still manifests itself in every human heart if we let it, is right at the heart of my life, so it make sense for me to celebrate it. But, lets embrace this season in the way that seems beautiful and true to us, not squashed by the pressures to produce a million glittering shards of materialistic perfection. Lets relax a little shall we? Go on. let's be brave and say, "this is enough". And I am sneakily hoping that I can keep that mantra going long after Christmas is over, for ever really would be good!

So, as I finally put my feet up by the fire tonight, I raise a glass to wish us all a calmer, kinder, more content december, however that looks for us. xx


  1. I so agree and the way you express Love reaching down from eternity..... Is beautiful. Wishing you time to dwell in the midst of God's love.

  2. I am also seeking a more serene life.

  3. calm, kind, and content. sounds perfect. xxx

  4. beautiful, Belinda! and I think I will look into having someone fashion me a weathered painted wood sign for the cabin that says "this is enough". happy winter solstice and holidays to you! xo

  5. Brilliant post Belinda, and I couldn't agree more.

    I'm unavoidably rushed off my feet by a work project at the moment, and I think that has heightened my awareness of just how much BS is peddled at Christmas.