January 07, 2014


A new little weekly post for Tuesday mornings: gorgeous things found online, in bricks and mortar shops or out there, in nature. Enjoy!

I'm not usually into pinks and reds at all, I have always veered towards blues, greens, greys, neutrals, but at the moment with the leaden skies and rain lashing down outside I seem to be craving the warm and comforting tones of rosy pinks and soft reds. Cosy pyjamas, rose scented oils (REN's are amazing), gorgeously scented candles and pops of soft pink here and there seem to be what I am craving, so I'm going with it. I won't be indulging in the ring, although I would love to, but it is so pretty!

pjs from Hush, sale just started
tapers from Cox and Cox who also have a great sale on


  1. I love these rosy pinks but have nothing like them in my home. Happy New Year to you, hope it is a good one for the WildAcre gang. Ax

  2. I thought it was your ring. so pretty. Love the pinks!

  3. Oo that ring is divine!