February 07, 2014

hyacinth love

I blame Hyacinth Bucket myself, (she of the British TV sitcom). If hyacinths were deemed slightly vulgar and showy of form and scent before, they have since the sitcom, hit a new low sharing a moniker with the human personification of naff social climbery! Oh dear. Because really they are extraordinary things. These cut hyacinths in my kitchen have been going for well over a week now, looking and smelling lushly exotic and yet somehow resolutely English too.

Their beautifully shaped petals are strong enough to look like they have been made of Delft clay - perfectly carved and coloured.

I dunno, I just love them. And all in February too. What about you, love them or loathe them?

Whichever, have a lovely weekend. xx


  1. I wish I had a blooming hyacinth now...love the scent!

  2. I LOVE Hyacinths. Loving the jug too!

  3. Love em Belinda...
    Have literally picked up a bunch of blue ones from Waitrose this evening!
    In a white jug too...
    Julie x

  4. I love hyacinths in the house - the scent of spring. What a great jug to set them off in!


  5. I love hyacinths, and I love hyacinth vases, but I'll have to try arranging some in a jug as they look wonderful displayed like that. Beautiful photos - I can almost smell the blooms from here!