April 28, 2014

Late spring in an English garden

I thought I'd start the week off with some proper full-on garden loveliness and positive vibes:

Oh, I do love late spring in an English garden! The mild winter and spring with sunshine and showers has mean't that in my garden, the flowers appear to be rocket fuelled at the moment - I can't remember a wilder, more flamboyant display of green and growth. I am loving every moment.

First after the late winter snowdrops and hellebores, came the lovely swathes of white narcissi, mine are mainly Silver Chimes and Thalia, but I have some lovely double forms too, and some Pheasant's Eye daffs that are still now flowering their pretty heads off. The display lasts well over a month, they are such a great choice for spring flowers I think and no maintenance at all apart from deadheading.

I have underplanted them with grape hyacinths and some happily self sown forget-me-nots, I like the cream and blue together.

The tulips have come and now almost gone, and this year they have been accompanied by the verdant greens of perennials bursting into growth a bit sooner and more energetically than usual. I love the fresh, juicy newness of it all. In the cutting patch everything is looking so healthy, I am hoping there will be masses to choose from this year.

Happy monday, have a great week. xx


  1. Gorgeous! Love all the green. It does look juicy there. Here in dry Colorado I am just now noticing green grass after a pretty cold and snowy winter. Tulips are just starting, many things are budding, but no real results yet! Thanks for a look into what is to come. (On a MUCH smaller scale in my garden.)

  2. You have such a lovely garden and now I know the name of a plant I saw growing while on a walk--grape hyacinth!

  3. Your garden is really beutifull, great photos!

  4. "Juicy goodness" - what a perfect description. I love the way your garden looks already. Much slower here, but I can see that I need to greatly increase the number of narcissus and small bulbs for next year. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Webb! You will be so happy next spring if you do! x

  5. So Beautiful! You can almost feel the flowers and leaves growing as you watch at the moment. Thank you for such lovely photos- I must plant more bulbs next year... Jane xx

  6. Thanks for the kind appreciation!