April 11, 2014

White tulips

I am revelling in my white tulips this Spring. Tulipa Spring Green was originally planted three years ago and is still going great guns, despite the fact I never lift them over the winter. I suppose if any thing has changed about them it is that the colour seems a little creamier this year, less white. Still gorgeous though and they last well in the vase.

The other, Tulipa Smirnoff has been a fantastic discovery. A kind neighbour gave me some bulbs in January and I was doubtful if they would flower properly being planted so late. Just a couple of months later they were rocketing through the surface of the soil and I just cannot believe how gorgeous they are.

The following pictures were taken after over a week in a vase - I will be growing loads of these next year! The jaggedy edges, like so many little frost spikes, just make me go weak at the knees.

There is something so lovely about the shape of tulip flowers, I am wondering if I could use a similar shape in my jewellery somehow....

Anyway, have a brilliant weekend wherever you are, get your mitts on some locally grown narcissi or tulips if you can, you won't be sorry! xxx


  1. I love those white tulips! White flowers are my favourite.
    Your jewelry designs are exceptionally beautiful Belinda if you do some tulip inspired designs please show us.

  2. I went to the tulip fesitval in Woodburn, Oregon where they are grown and sold (catalog online) and there were so many lovely colors and some in that frilly edged styled you have pictured! There were even some so dark they looked black! I am working on the cropping of my pictures and will soon post some so keep watch!

  3. What lovely photos of your tulips! I am a great fan of Spring Green - it does seem to repeat really well and always looks good in a vase. I have not come across Smirnoff - it looks quite like one I grow called Swan Wings.

  4. Those are gorgeous enough to try them here. Just lovely.

  5. What unusual tulips. I have not seen any like that before. I bought some bulbs that I didn't plant until January, but they are in bud now...worth waiting for. x