May 04, 2014

May arrives with cow parsley and hawthorn blossoms

May. It is my favourite month - three day weekends aplenty, an explosion of green, juicy growth where ever you turn in the garden or country lane and armfuls of my favourite blooms - cow parsley, mayflowers, bluebells and alliums. Not to mention baby moorhens and ducklings swimming in nervy pride down the stream at the bottom of the garden. And occasional t-shirt temperatures which means cups of coffee and with a bit of luck, whole meals in the garden again. Bliss. 

This is the moment of the year for cow parsley, it festoons every local lane and foothpath, sometimes mingling with the white-flowered hawthorn in the hedges. The cow parsley umbels are one of nature's wonders, I love it so much it is the Wild Acre logo. The hawthorn is close to my heart too, and one of the first natural shapes I explored in silver. To have them both flowering their pretty heads off at the same time is double floral heaven for me! 

It is something about the delicacy yet profusion of cow parsley - pure looking and yet rampantly growing, clearly strong but so finely cut, it seems impossibly exquisite and utterly simple at the same time. I really love the stuff!

Even the colour-drained silhouettes are tantalizingly, breathtakingly lovely, don't you think?

The hawthorn flowers are so pretty too, not as ethereal as the cow parsley, rooted firmly as they are on the strong branches of the May bushes. But the little creamy, spherical buds combined with the profusion of papery flowers and new green leaves are gorgeous in their own right. 

When the hawthorn and cow parsley grow together, the effect is amazing, this lot is 30 seconds from my backdoor!

I will have to save the bluebells and alliums for another post, but in the meantime, hurray for May!


  1. Hurray for May indeed. I love cow parsley and may blossom together, especially wonderful is that view over the gate.

  2. I'm in heaven just looking at the pictures.

    I would be floating on air to actually be there.

    xo J

  3. Cow parsley is one of my faves too. Not so much of it in the centre of Cambridge but a walk along the river and loads can be spied. haven't seen any duclikngs or baby moorhens yet but the swifts are back, nesting in the gables of the houses across the road. Hooray for May! Ax

  4. The countryside looks beautiful Belinda! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Open Jewish houses is an annual event, which always takes place on the 4th of July. It's the day we commemorate the people who died in the 2nd World War. It really is worth going to, although it is all in Dutch. That may be a problem.

    Have a lovely week!

    Madelief x

  5. Lovely! I expect to see fairies flitting around the field!