June 13, 2014

Let's play catch up 2: the garden

What a gorgeous summery week we have had, the garden is in full June flounce and I'm loving the giddy first flush of summer herbaceous abundance. The delphiniums have come back better than ever, I do love them. Dark Knight and Summer Skies are two of my favourite varieties.

I am finally learning the importance of some good vertical lines in a border and now that the alliums are over, it is the grasses, giant nepeta, delphs and lupins that are doing it best at the moment. Love me some floral spires! Poppies and cornflowers are heading skyward too.

Wishing you a lovely June weekend, what a cracking time of year. xx


  1. Oh goodness, how utterly beautiful. I love delphiniums too but can't grow them up here - soil too thin, too windy, too many slugs and thugs. but yes, June is a wonderful time and I love your spires.

  2. A perfect English garden- beautiful! Jane x

  3. In my head my small town garden looks like yours. But in reality it looks sad and dishevelled with no structure or plan.
    Wildacre garden is simply stunning. Long may the sunshine last and long may the spires seek the sky. Ax

  4. Oh to be in England...especially your England.

    How do you do it all? Plant, weed, create deceptively simple jewelry, bake delicious goodies and sell flowers?

    Do you have more hours in the day than I do?

    What a garden.

    xo J

  5. A stunning garden with all the flowers I would love to grow.