June 14, 2014

Let's play catch up 3: Wild Acre flowers

So, I still sell bunches of my garden flowers to a lovely local group of customers who keep coming back for more during the summer season which makes me very happy. It isn't really a business as such any more, the jewellery designing and making has become too central an occupation, but my flower growing and selling keeps me looking after my precious garden in a slightly more organised and committed way. It is much more for love than for the pin-money it generates. :)

At the moment the bouquets are full of delphiniums, poppy seedheads, astrantia, orlaya, alchemilla mollis, dianthus, apple mint and nigella.

No filters or photoshop funny business in the delphinium shots, they are the most incredible colour, makes me want to dive in! I always accidentally on-purpose over cut so there always a few extra to keep!

If you live in my neck of the woods and would like a bunch, just get in touch! x


  1. Lovely selection of flowers Belinda

  2. Still loving each post I receive in my inbox - so glad I can feel connected even when I move away! Love the poppy seed head in your bunch - it all looks so beautiful :)

  3. Having fresh flowers regularly just lightens up a life!

  4. Beautiful! Wish I was close enough to snag a bunch.

  5. Beautiful bouquets Wish I lived closer.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  6. I really wish I could, amazing colours.