June 07, 2014

Lets play catch up 1: Norfolk

Ok, where do I begin? These last few weeks have been a blur of work, holiday, sunshine, showers, work, play, wilderness, city, jewellery-making, gardening..... so a big sorry for neglecting my blog here, life has got in the way with more gusto than normal! So, a few posts in the next few days to get back on track!

In half term, we went to the very beloved cottage in Norfolk, place of so many of my childhood memories, and now our kids' too. Man, I love this place. The way it cradles so many of my family's high days and holidays within its ancient flint walls, its steady peace and solid views over local farmland, the huge skies and skudding clouds, and close by, the wild marshes and pulsating tides that scribble on the sandy expanses of coastline. I love it all.

Occasionally, I actually pat the old walls of this place in gratitude. Possibly weird behaviour, but the place has my heart! My parents saved it from demolition in the 1960s, so there is something extra special about it still being here over 450 years on from when it was built by the west gate of the huge priory in the village. The place has soul.

This is the view from the back garden, it may not be grandly impressive or majestic in scale, but I have known it from my earliest days and nowhere feels more part of me or more comforting.

We were so happy to luck out with the weather for the few days we were there, the local beaches did us proud. They are always so uncrowded once you walk even a few minutes from the coast carpark, even on a sunny day  in half term, this is one reason we love it here!

No filters on these photos, Norfolk light is something else! I also always come away with my imagination buzzing with all the colours and textures - always lots to inspire the jewellery making. This time I found lots of really teeny shells that I might cast in silver or gold, exciting!

Those few days were a lovely lull before a slight storm of activity on the Wild Acre jewellery event front, but more of that in the next post. x


  1. What a beautiful cottage it is Belinda! I would be happy with a place like yours to spend my holiday too. The garden looks very pretty with all those flowers. Happy to hear you had a good time.

    Fijn weekend!

    Madelief x

  2. Yes a truly beautiful place, it must be hard to leave, wonderful beaches as well.

  3. I enjoyed your post and photographs

  4. relaxing place! Beautiful!


  5. such a cool looking place! I look forward to seeing the jewelry you make!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous home. I'm crazy about all that brick and stone work. Also really love the purple and red hues of the flowers. Lucky you to have such a beautiful place to visit that holds such positive memories.

  7. beautiful Norfolk. Childhood holidays spent there. Love the cottage. What a great retreat