July 01, 2014

Let's play catch up 4 : the garden (again!)

We just had our garden open to the public for the annual local Open Gardens. I always worry that visitors will leave shaking their heads at the informality, the lack of neatness and order, the major fail in providing displays of "immaculate" borders. There is a lot of self sown disorder in our garden, weedy areas and unhidden slug and snail damage. I just don't have the time and inclination to keep it all in perfect order - I quite like Nature to make her presence felt, and with fields and a river forming the main boundaries I like to think is sits more easily in its agricultural surroundings like this. I sort of realise I'm making excuses - especially when I hear myself saying it's all gone a bit "Darling Buds of May" when things look particularly wayward!

Still, lots of people were kind enough to say they liked the semi-wild look!

Combos that I have been really liking for June/July are:

Delphinium 'Dark Knight' with Eryngium 'Miss Wilmott's Ghost',

Cerinthe and California poppies,

Shirley poppies and cornflowers for a wild meadowy look,

I hope this soft planting melds into the wild flowers beyond the fence. There are campanulas, geraniums, scabiosa, lemon balm, foxgloves and poppies in there.

Delphiniums underplanted with foxgloves, campanulas, erigerons, geraniums and silvery artemisia - I was going for a hazy, silvery-blue look but with a bit of punch even from a distance. Nearly there! My hubby is totally disinterested in gardening, but mows the grass, and a man comes to edge the borders which I am truly *terrible* at, but everything else I do myself and every plant I have put in as there was nothing here at all when we moved in over ten years ago. It really has been a labour of love and a green gym! I love my patch.


  1. Hello Belinda,

    Keeping a garden of any size in shape is a tremendous amount of hard work but you have achieved a wonderful balance here of a relaxed mood whilst still keeping the planting in check. It works wonderfully well in your surroundings which are so very beautiful.

    We too loved to grow the Cerinthe, a really magical flower with its grey/blue leaves and purple/black brachts. It does look dramatic how you have it placed with the vibrant orange of the poppies.and, the drift of Verbena Bonariensis just about to come into its own.....now, borders do not get any more dreamy than that!

  2. Can you say "breath-takingly gorgeous"? That's what they were thinking!

  3. While looking at your garden picture on IG, I wondered who mowed your lawn....your husband, well tell him he does a bang up job.

    And edging, I had a crew in to edge, weed and mulch this year, should as excuse.

    Still haven't gotten bill, you might have to auction a gem for me, but they look(ed) lovely.

    Though not as beautifully mixed as yours. You have so many gifts Belinda.

    xo J

  4. I LOVE the wild naturalized look!!!!

  5. It all looks lovely. I shall be taking away the Cerinthe and Californian poppy in particular.

  6. It´s a perfect look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love it and will come back
    Lovely hugs

  7. and a beautiful patch it is! I'm a lover of the semi-wild look. Much more natural than perfectly spaced out matching plants and you have done this very well.