November 09, 2014

hunting for autumn colour, where has it gone?

I'm really a summer person. There are many lovely compensations that autumn offers along the way towards the dark days of winter but the explosion of coppery colour that usually stops me in my tracks along the bridleways and woodland paths has been strangely muted this year. Perhaps the unusual warmth that stretched summer temperatures into late October accounts for the fact that the leaves seem to be falling green still, only burnishing as they lie on the ground, blown from trees before they get their moment to dazzle. Harrumph! Feeling a bit cheated, I went on the hunt for some colour during some sparkly sunshine last week, camera in hand, determined to enjoy some autumnal glory even if it was only on the ground or tips of some branches. There were really few trees in full Autumnal spendour, and some of the lime green leaves could have been from a wood in Spring were it not for their raggedness at the edges. All a bit strange, but enough loveliness to linger on and feed the soul!

I do love looking up through the branches of trees, the shapes and outlines make such lovely patterns, I could imagine them as a fabric.

I can't help feeling that these would make rather nice postcards, and I've been having a few nudges from folk asking for some of my photos to be sold as cards - what do you think - any of these float your boat more than others?  I love the idea of something Wild Acre-y encouraging us to communicate by good old fashioned pen and paper too! Your feedback would be a real help.  :)


  1. Love the structures of the leaves against the blue sky! Have a good week! Madelief x

  2. They are all lovely, as your pictures always are, but the oak leaves third from bottom are particularly lovely especially as the photograph has a painterly quality.

  3. Another vote for the oak leaves for me ... that shot has a lovely colour palette.

  4. Oh yes - I can see them all as postcards. This lovely old month of November is certainly taking it's time handing over to the's glorious. Xx