December 15, 2014

cornus, 'Midwinter Fire'

The last little bit of colour in the garden is coming from the greens of the box, ferns, hellebores and euphorbia still strutting their lush green foliage, but the real and only star of my winter garden is Cornus Midwinter Fire. I only have a few plants, but I think I'm going to plant loads more next year so that my whole garden looks fiery and fabulous through the dead of winter!

The colour of the nearly bare stems close-up is amazing,

The closer you look, the brighter they are, and with the low-slung winter sun shining, as it is today, the stems look almost luminous, 

In the spring and summer, they calm down to pale stems and green and then yellow leaves, they aren't anything special that time of year, I don't think, but blend in fine behind the swathes of flowing plants that are doing their thing in the summer. In winter though, they are crazy, glorious, and eyecatching even from a distance. I love them, and they are my December recommendation for some Christmassy glamour in the garden! I have snipped a few stems to make some skinny wreaths from, if they work well, I'll share them in the next post.

Belinda x

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  1. Gorgeous stuff. Will look to see if it's available here.