January 20, 2015

gathered style

The garden is nipped by frost. It is beautifully dusted with a fine layer of icy glitter, but there is little in the way of blooms to forage to bring a little of the outdoors in. However, there are signs that beneath the frozen surface, life is gathering and there are even hellebores and snowdrops already braving an appearance. It is such an exciting moment when this happens, as if the axis of the year has just tilted back towards growth and new beginnings.

This morning, I picked a few of the early snowdrops from my woodland and some winter violas that I have in pots - I suppose just longing to bring a bit of that new energy and colour inside the house, littles harbingers of spring which still seems a long time away!

So, that is my little bit of gathered style to cheer up a freezing January day! If you are on instagram and love a bit of foraging and gathering like me, please join in with the hashtag #gatheredstyle (started by the lovely Emma Harris of aquietstyle), or #wanderandgather (brainchild of the talented photographer and all round good egg, Nina Nixon). I can be found there at Belinda@wildacre. 


  1. so lovely. nothing flowering here yet x

  2. I am eagerly awaiting spring and the colors!!

  3. Lovely! Aconites and hellebores are flowering here, and the snowdrops just begin to peep through.