January 05, 2015

the year in books

I am feeling really happy to be joining Laura from Circle of Pine Trees blog in her the year in books project - simply reading a book a month for the year and linking with others doing the same. Check it out here. My reading for pleasure seemed to wither away last year, so here is the perfect excuse to light the fire, curl up on the sofa with a mug of tea, and get stuck in to some great books. It is the perfect time of year to start this, don't you think? Join in if you would like to.

My first book, for January, is, What the **** is Normal by Francesca Martinez.  I sped read it over Christmas, squeezed between all the get togethers and merriment, and if I am honest I was super keen to get it into the hands of my teenage daughter who I thought would love it, and find it hugely encouraging and funny. I am going to read it properly this month and really savour its wit and wisdom.

Francesca is a stand up comedian, an actress and writer - and she is witty, honest, sometimes potty-mouthed and definitely engaging. She also has cerebral palsy, or is a 'bit wobbly' as she prefers to describe it - and this is her story of growing up, and coming to grips with the business of embracing who she is, what she has to give to the world, and how to deal with all the shouty voices in society that try and dictate when, how and why we are 'enough' to be socially acceptable/successful.  Except that makes it sound a bit boring and worthy which it certainly is not! I'm looking forward to reading it again properly.

I will be back for 'the year in books' post in a month, with a better read of this book under my belt. 


  1. This looks like a great read, I might just add it to my ever growing list. I am not all that fond of autobiographies because they are often a bit self indulgent but Francesca Martinez one sounds very interesting.

  2. I love Francessa Maritnez I hadn't realised she had written a book. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

  3. I heard her on the radio and liked her a lot. Must look out for this!