February 01, 2015

goodbye january, hello february

No points for originality offering you a patchwork review of my january. I don't expect for one silly, puffed up moment that you would be interested in what my january looked like, but for me it is a nice little record, and I hope that by sharing what I found to be lovely or meaningful, there might be something that makes you smile or reminds you again of how much outrageous, profligate beauty nature throws before us!

For a month that can sometimes feel a bit gruelling, I have found so much to relish this month, and I put this down to deciding to pursue a bit of adventure this year, however small the adventures may be. (If you have some adventures, do share them on instagram with the hashtag #smalladventures, I'd love us all to inspire eachother to get out of our comfort zones, try some new things and explore new places!) This has made me feel much more energetic and engaged with life that the short, dark days of january often do.  

I have embraced the fact that longer hikes are not just for holidays and have made the very most of blue skies when they came - and they arrived suprisingly often and with equally astonishing intensity. 

The stark outlines of trees and their long shadows took my breath away, as did some amazing winter clouds and sunsets. These are treasured moments, so simple but so energising.

I am learning more about clean eating and enjoying occasional treats completely guilt-free. I feel I have finally, FINALLY arrived at grown-up eating and exercising in a way that suits me and makes me feel happy, well and strong. I have realised that homemade treats like warm scones and clemetine and chocolate shortbread, take time to make and therefore they happen far less often and feel more special than shop bought ones. Mindfulness, balance, slowing down and enjoying the process and the moment. So obvious, but the first time I have explicitly joined the dots. Rebelfit has helped hugely with this. 

Icy, wintry looking jewellery commissions and new designs that seem to be matching the season without me really planning it that way. My first ever Fairtrade gold pieces made and now available to purchase on my website. So many new designs bubbling in my mind, but some editing of current collections too - keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook Page for some fantastic bargains of discontinued pieces in February!

The first snowdrops. 

My eldest boy returning to uni. Man, I miss him, but am so happy and proud to see him fly!

So now it is February. Bring it on. I hope it is kind to you. xx

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  1. For once I am glad to see the back of January... I think February will be a less grumpy month here!
    Love you little mosaic, Ax