February 18, 2015

#smalladventures: writing

For several years now I have had this niggling desire to have a place to gather my thoughts, ponderings, sketches, poems and even foraged material from the walks and wanderings that inform my making. I have thought about using my blog for this, but the itch was for a physical place to scribble and draw and stick in photographs, something I could hold in my hands. I've got my sketchbooks of course, and I love those, but wasn't sure how to proceed.

In the last few weeks, everywhere I go, and people I speak to, blogs or IG posts I have seen, there have been so many reminders, inspirations and nudges to get back to some more writing, more poetry, to seek a fuller expression of what my favourite landscapes,  journeys and small adventures are creating in my mind and imagination. I think it will really develop my scattered thoughts and impressions into something more tangible and joined up, and that in turn will inspire my making and designing.

So, yesterday this gorgeous journal stared up at me from a table in Libertys. It is concertina-style, made with delicious thick paper, and comes in its own black box. It feels perfectly simple and simply perfect for me. It is the one. I feel intimidated to scribble on its pages and yet I know it is going to be a great friend to me, and I can't wait to get started! I'm energised and paralysed at once by the idea of filling its pages! Any other journal/diary writers feel this strange sensation? I think I may end up writing it late at night or first thing in the morning, it just doesn't feel like a thing to do in the middle of the day, when I feel I should be working...

I really don't know how this is going to proceed, or how much of it I will ever share or whether it will just be a private space, but it is a new #smalladventure for me that feels unfamiliar and exciting!

Any #smalladventures in your neck of the woods? x


  1. I have a small stash of delightful little books, that I'm loath to actually write in.
    Maybe share an odd page with us to prove you are adventuring?

  2. I find going through the book first, and doodling on lots of the pages, or sticking things in it, like your foraged pieces, or pretty stickers, or doing a light watercolour wash on the pages, helps breaks the "I can't possibly touch this virginal page" anxiety that I believe strikes us all from time to time. xx

  3. I wonder why I have never thought to get a journal for the random thoughts, quotes... Bits and pieces of life that speak to me? However, I think I just did... With your inspiration. Perhaps I'll doodle a few daisies and stars just to make it mine. Smiles...Susan

  4. I have to confess to being a little obsessed with note books I do have a few. Some are in use and others sit on the shelf waiting for their turn. Not quite sure what I will do with them once I have filled them as I don;t think I will be able to part with them even if it is the one I write my shopping list in.

  5. beautiful post, beautiful journal, gorgeous jewelry....thanks for sharing!

  6. My small adventure Belinda is a Merchant and Mills dress pattern ... I bought it a few weeks and now I have dyed a floppy French linen sheet, I am hoping for a simple dress made by my own fair hands.
    Watch this space...
    Julie x

  7. Any step is a big step. Look forward to hearing outcomes!

  8. I love the look of that journal! And I can very understand your hesitation to make that first mark on the first pristine page! I know that when I was on a course at Leith School of Art, sometimes we were encouraged to just give that unblemished piece of paper a soft colour wash - as light as you like - to lose the white! And then once it's dry, you could write your first piece. It takes away the fear! I use my blog for what I call conversational chat, built around my photos and observations. It's a great outlet and I love it. Wild Acre is a glorious place to visit - thank you for all the lovely things you write and your photos and flowers are just delightful. Enjoy your journal and that it will ultimately contain! It will be a treasure trove by the time you've finished with it! A