September 07, 2015

a north norfolk farewell to summer

So, Autumn is here.

Mornings and evenings feel suddenly colder and I've had that sad reaquaintance with my sock drawer. As I am typing these words I can see and hear a small tractor ploughing the field over the garden wall. The swifts have all gone and the swallows are gathering in ever larger groups on the overhead telephone lines on the country lane that leads to our hamlet. Sigh. September makes me so wistful for some reason. I suppose I am never quite ready to leave summer behind however much I enjoy the new pencil cases and promise of new horizons that September brings.

As is normal for us, our last hurrah for summer was a weekend at my childhood home in Norfolk - a family cricket match, walks on the marshes and beaches, a relaxed get together of my favourite type.

The north norfolk coast never disappoints.

The cricket match brought together three generations of my extended family. Played on the grounds of Holkam Hall, it was an archtypal English afternoon complete with match tea, sunshine and chatter.

Eldest and youngest lads and hubby all playing with my dad, uncle and various cousins and friends. There have been several years now of these annual matches, but it is never certain that there will be another, so they are special times. Every one helps out, everyone is welcomed, from 0-90 years old, it is a treat!

Favourite summer memories are things to treasure aren't they? They seem to be the ones that so often define certain times in our lives - the family holidays, the first teenage trips with friends, summer festivals, camping, travelling, summer romances, swims in the sea, swinging in a hammock, hanging out in the garden or allotment - they seem to intensify the sense of who we are and what we want. In chasing our summer dreams we hopefully make great memories or occassionally hilariously awful ones!

There is due to be some warm sunny weather later this week we are promised, so I may just try and pretend the summer is still here and put the Birkies back on! 


  1. I've probably said this before, but your Norfolk coast looks so muck like ours did when I was a child that it's easy to see why the early settlers borrowed the name. sadly, we've allowed development to overwhelm and ruin ours. yours is so much nicer now.

  2. Up here in East Lothian, I've been watching the swallows and martins gathering on the telephone wires too. I put two or three photos on the blog on 28 August! Very sorry to see them go! Brave little souls, embarking on that mammoth journey. A

  3. Beautiful photo's of the Norfolk coast and your family!

    Madelief x