October 21, 2015

autumn inspirations

Autumn is such a rich time for inspiration for Wild Acre jewellery. So many of the natural materials that inspire me are in evidence in my garden, the fields, hedgerows and water meadows. Autumn leaves, seeds and seedpods, acorns and pinecones, lichen and late season flowers - so many lovely patterns, shapes and textures. In the garden the very last of the blooms, dahlias, asters, pincushion flowers and anemones still flowering bravely on...

Although today is rainy and grey, we have had some gorgeous sunshine and, as always, I have loved the chance to take to the footpaths and bridleways around my home and watch the trees slowly change colour, the meadowgrasses swell with seed and of course pick basketfuls of blackberries!

Lots of my jewellery is directly influenced by the fruits, leaves and seedpods I see on these walks, things I pick up, pop in my pocket, photograph and sketch. There are little worlds of detail and texture in these small fragments of nature, they are rich pickings for a designer maker! I like the play between the impermanence of the individual items I collect - the way they slowly fall apart, dry out or decay - and the more permanent record of them I make in metal. And yet if I had left them in place, their decay would have brought forth new growth in its season, so the play between transience and intransience is curious and open ended. There is a sense of wabi sabi about these processes of discovery and creation, a sense of wonder in the simplest of materials, the beauty found by looking closely and taking time, the necessity of decay and the pull between of permanence and impermanance.

This autumn there is something about the curving lines of seedpods, and the precious cargo of new life and potential that they contain that is catching my eye and piquing my interest and creativity. These giant cowparsley seeds form part of a range of seed inspired pieces that have been brewing in my imagination for a while.

I am also creating more pieces in my fallen pod range, new stones and new forms.

So this is a busy, happy time at the Wild Acre jewellery bench where I am really going back to the basis of what I love - looking closely at the nature outside my doorstep and finding ways to explore and celebrate what I find in sustainable precious metals. I have updated my webshop recently, if you fancy a gander, click HERE.