October 31, 2015


For me, if Hallowe'en is about anything more than a chance to don bonkers costumes, lark about in the dark and eat a ton of sweets it is the startlingly serious idea that we all need light in the darkness.

As the year tilts towards the short days of winter, there is an ancient wisdom in celebrating light and love and hope in the awareness that dark is all about, and even more that Light and Love really are stronger than fear and the unknown. Tonight's sunset just about summed it up.

So I just soaked up every last ray, and am about to light lots of candles to celebrate that there is always light in the darkness as long as there is Love. I really believe this is a far as possible from a clapped-out old cliche, it is what I have found to be most true, trustworthy and fundamental.

So, whether you will be prancing about in a fluorescent skeleton suit like my youngest, scaring yourself silly with a movie or just ignoring the whole thing tonight, I hope you have a fun evening.


  1. celebrating light in the darkness is something we need to remember all year I think. such beauty in your photos x

  2. Beautiful photos and thought provoking words. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Halloween evening - I love experiencing the holidays through my kids' eyes. xo

  3. I loved both your beautiful photographs and agree with your words. Jane xx