June 30, 2016

Something beautiful: Graham Thomas roses

Oh dear, my poor neglected blog! I want to thank each one of you that persists in reading my sporadic posts, there seems so little time to write here whilst trying to run my jewellery business and all that a big family involves! So, I have decided to release myself from the notion that only long and involved posts are worth writing, and hope that you will enjoy my more frequent but shorter offerings - just beautiful things that I find that inspire me, and I hope you too? Maybe you can think of this little spot on the web as a tiny receptacle for simple, beautiful finds that might brighten your day, as well as offering behind the scenes glimpses into the world of Wild Acre designs? Nothing grand, nothing complicated, but hopefully some photographs and words to enjoy and to remind us all of the beauty and stillness in the world, especially when the pace of life seems a bit frantic?  A brief pause, or slow-down moment in the day? Does that sound ok?

Here is today's beauty - Graham Thomas roses outside my kitchen door catching the early morning sunshine. Yes, real sunshine at last, feels miraculous in this bewilderingly grey June, so I'm catching every ray of it while I can. A cup of coffee sitting on the low garden wall, looking at these yellow beauties was a great, if early, start to the day.

Have a lovely thursday, remember to pause and smell the roses!