July 16, 2016

Happy Weekend

Have you got some happy planned for the weekend? Although there are often chores to do, errands to run, things that run more to obligation than pleasure sometimes, I always try to make sure there is some time carved out for something entirely pleasurable and relaxing. It could be breakfast and saturday papers in bed, meeting up with friends for brunch or dinner, pottering about in the garden or greenhouse...you know, stuff you love doing that brings brings a sense of credit not debit? We are all having to absorb so much grim news at the moment, these times are a needed balance and feel very precious.

This weekend is a particularly busy one for me because I am in London working all sunday - but it will be fun because it is at a 'Unique' Pop Up event at 11 Calvert Ave in Shoreditch. Come and say hi, we will be there with lots of  gorgeous contemporary craft from 11 am to 5pm, and I have some new work on show, as well as plenty of established favourites.

So, today, I am pootling a bit in the garden, hanging out with whichever of our kids are around, watching our youngest play some cricket and hopefully sketching a few ideas for some new jewellery designs based on a tiny physic garden I am creating.

I love being outside as much as possible in the summer, it is a lot of work having a big garden, but sometimes you just have to stop, relax and enjoy all the colour, bees and butterflies and breathe out! The hammock is finally going up this weekend, my favourite spot in the world (between two hornbeam trees, field on one side, garden on the other).

I hope you find some happy this weekend, too. xx


  1. OOOh, I have always wanted a hammock! How right you are, it's too easy to carry on working throughout the weekend and so important to take time for peace and enjoyment. Long may sunny, summer days continue! Jane xx

  2. we were in London that weekend - but only now do I catch up with the 400 blog posts that were waiting in Feedly.
    And after a week at home - catching with the garden.
    Beautiful winter days here and the garden is singing.