November 22, 2016

manna {2} a bowl of soup on a grey day

It is a good thing: a steaming bowl of hearty soup on a chilly, late autumn day.

On a cold, dark lunchtime in november, alone in the house, it made sense to make something warm and cosy and nourishing. Leftovers of butternut squash soup with some homemade spelt bread, (River Cottage 'Bread' Handbook recipe), toasted and buttered, fresh tomatoes and an unapologetically salty, creamy but crumbly corner of Stilton. Self care, people!!

Literal and metaphorical manna - food for the body and soul on a grey day. 

1 comment:

  1. that looks so tempting!
    I am harvesting tomatoes from the garden, from an exuberant compost volunteer.