December 12, 2016

manna {10} finding my business mojo

This good thing: discovering that there are ways of communicating my creative endeavours, ways of presenting, talking about and selling my work that feel so much more natural, so much more 'me' and so much in step with how I roll, that the way ahead is beginning to feel a bit clearer. And my very favourite way is to show my work at home, right at the heartbeat of all that is Wild Acre, because it is intimate, real and based in connections and relationships with the actual people who surround my life. It isn't, I don't think, about hiding in my comfort zone (and I have asked myself that plenty!), but finding a way to share what I make, that feels right and authentic. 

A huge thank you to the lovely friends and customers who popped into my Open Studio last week, it was a lovely morning. I hope you all enjoy your new Christmas sparkles!

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