January 19, 2017

manna {14} fairmined gold and silver

This good thing: fulfilling a long held goal for Wild Acre in 2017 before the end of January!

I am delighted to say that I am now a licencee for Fairmined gold and silver as well as Fairtrade Gold. This is important to me as it means I can now make my jewellery in silver which is totally ethically sourced - the silver is refined from the deposits mined for Fairmined gold, with all the benefits for mining communities and their local environments. For more information about what Fairmined is achieving for workers and the environment please see HERE for their website.

The ethical sourcing of my materials isn't an add on or greenwash for me, it is utterly foundational my business and practice, and very close to my heart. These ethical supply lines are in the early days of their existence, so there are various products still unavailable, (chain and small findings for example), so it is certainly a journey towards a fully ethical jewellery collection, but one I am committed to being entirely transparent about, and moving forwards towards. What it means is that I can use raw materials and you can buy jewellery that is making a real and tangible difference to human lives and the natural environment.

Within six months I plan to have fairmined silver and gold collections and Fairtrade gold collections and if you are interested in a piece of jewellery made especially for you in Fairmined precious metal, just let me know?

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