Wild Acre flowers

This is the scenario: I grow loads of different flowers and foliage in my garden that are suitable as cut flowers - beautiful shapes, colours, textures plus good to fantastic vase life dependent on variety of plant. Occasionally, I have been known to raid the gardens of kind friends and relatives! Since all flowers are seasonal, I am open for business from April to October.

If you live in the North Herts area, you can call me on 07780771362 or email and order a bouquet or arrangements for a small event. I will then cut some flowers, the most gorgeous the season is offering, condition them and create the bouquet for you either to be delivered or collected. Unless something special is requested, I wrap the flowers in craft paper and raffia ribbon or twine. For bouquets over £20, I use beautiful grosgrain ribbons. For orders over £25 I can provide arrangements in enamel jugs or glass vases.

At this stage I am not offering mail-order.

So, tiny carbon footprint, super-fresh flowers and many varieties you won't find in a traditional florist. The blog photos will show you the style of bouquets I sell and every Monday of the season, I will post updates of what is available.

Since I am not having to rent a shop, I keep prices really keen, roughly, £5 for a posy, £15 for a medium sized bouquet and £20-30 for a large one. To some degree, prices will depend on the flowers used.

All grown and picked by me, with love!

Care Tips for cut flowers:

My flowers will have been cut in the last 24 hours and have been carefully conditioned and arranged. The following measures will extend the vase life of your cut flowers to 7 days plus for most stems:

Since cut flowers die rapidly out of water, get them home and into a vase for a long drink as soon as possible.

Recut the stems so the ends are slanted, under water is best but not essential. If your bouquet contains euphorbia wear rubber gloves because some people’s skin reacts to the sap.

Add the flower food to some cool water in a pristine vase, (bacteria in gunky vases blocks the stems and they keel over much faster). Place flowers gently in the vase, making sure each stem is under the water but that no leaves or flowers are under the water-line, (they decay really fast which makes the water stinky and kills the flowers, nice!).

Keep away from draughts and sources of heat – sunny windowsill, TV, radiator etc.

Keep away from fruit which emit ethylene as they ripen and can affect the vase life of certain flowers. Nicotine smoke and car fumes also contain ethylene.

Keep water topped up and change water every 2-3 days, snipping ends off stems if they look gungey.

Remove individual stems if they die quicker than others.

Enjoy your gorgeous blooms, they have a tiny carbon footprint and were picked with love!


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